Kitchen Remodel

As a multidisciplinary designer, I’m always looking for new projects or challenges – something that will push me to explore my design aesthetic a bit further: be it working with new materials or textures – designing something new is always fun! And taking up an interiors project? I’m always up for a good makeover!
We recently decided to remodel our kitchen at home, which had remained as is since before the last owners had lived in this apartment!  The challenge was that it had to be aesthetically designed – but also completed on a budget. I found this great tile that helped bring the whole look of the kitchen together – giving the dark cupboards and platform a nice contrast!
With a little technical help from a friend (who helped draw out the structural plan of the design) – here are some of the photos of the finished kitchen.
I especially love the contrast that the title pattern on the wall makes against the granite top and the cupboards! The box light is great for dish-washing – and just adds a cool touch to the entire look of the kitchen!
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