Watching 26/11 Unfold From My Window

It was November 2008 and we’d just moved into our new apartment in Colaba, overlooking the magnificent Taj dome. When we heard the first explosion, we expected it to be a noise made by a Diwali rocket. But 26/11, the night of horrors, had just begun. The next 36 hours were full of panic, with my mum narrowly escaping a bullet shot made by a terrorist.

Kids these days

By Shakti Pherwani “I don’t care,” proclaims a sophisticated, yet shrill voice – as the four of us settle into comfortable coffeeshop armchairs, “I’ve told Sagar he has only three months left to work on his applications – Oxford, Harvard aur MIT toh definitely – and as backup, two other colleges of his choice – […]

‘7 Khoon Maaf’ Lacks Payoff

By Shakti Pherwani *SPOILERS AHEAD!* The opening sequence of 7 Khoon Maaf piques interest with it’s noir‐esque blood splatter and serious forensic lab sequence. You are set up for an investigative whodunit that quickly unravels into the narrative of the numerous khoons, each thrown at you in linear succession building up the tension ‐ except that the game […]

Take Me With You Lyrics

VERSE Everyday I’m standing here, staring at the sun Why’s it so far away and what will I become The wind is blowing through my hair, it’s a beautiful day the birds they catch me watching them and so they fly away They fly so high…. They have wings HOOK Take me with you Take […]

The Big Sleep : All Dark Business

Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, John Ridgely, Martha Vickers, Charles Waldron Director / Producer: Howard Hawks Adapted Screenplay: William Faulkner & Leigh Brackett & Jules Furthman Cinematography: Sid Hickox Music: Max Steiner U.S. Distributor: Warner Brothers *Possible Spoilers Ahead* Based on the 1939 novel by Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep shines as a detective-story drama […]

The Walk

I walk. They walk. We all walk. And it’s all we do. We just walk. Every single day: to classes, to work, to libraries, to stores, to labs, uphill, downhill, morning, evening, day and night, home. Walk. I’m walking through the same parking lot today and it already means something different. It’s not like it […]

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