Your Logo Is the Face of Your Company

The Virgin Records Logo uses Red

Samsung uses blue representing trust and integrity.

The world famous McDonald's arches use yellow

Starbucks uses green

Logo and brand design are extremely important because the logo you create will be in front of many customers. Use the right logo, and you will entice people to visit your site, purchase products and generate revenue for you. But picking the best logo is not a simple thing to do. There are a huge range of things that you have to focus on, and all of them can have a small or large impact on the experience, depending on the situation.

What should you consider when you select a logo?

The logo design is crucial for your business. Colour, Shapes and Font styles influence the overall brand design,  so you want these to be very appealing, and you want people to enjoy seeing them. In order to do that, you need a shape that’s suitable and which is relatable for your brand. You can go over the top, or you can keep a simpler text based logo, that all comes down to personal choice. And often times on the competition already prevalent in the mark segment.
As for color choices, each color brings specific features to the table. Red is the color of action, ambition, and determination. Orange offers optimism and communication. Yellow is the color of mind and intellect; green is the color of growth and balance. Then you have blue that represents loyalty and integrity, indigo that showcases intuition and purple that shows imagination. Each color represents a specific thing, so you want to adapt that to your brand.
When it comes to fonts, you can opt for the standard Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica, but you can also pick a stranger or crazier font. The idea is to find the right font that represents your business and stick to it.  With changing trends and styles, custom typefaces are also used nowadays. Everything from the shape to colors and fonts will help you connect with the customers, so try to consider that.

Memorable logo designs to take into consideration

The Nike logo has undergone minor changes from its original design in 1971, today most commonly seen as a solo swoosh, although for much of its history, the logo incorporated the NIKE name alongside the Swoosh.

Volvo has a different focus. It has a circle with an arrow pointed towards the upper right. It’s a symbol of masculinity and power, which is why most of the Volvo car owners tend to be male.

The monogram LV (Louis Vuitton) appears on most of its products, ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses and books. The signature monogram was created to prevent counterfeiting of its products which became a status symbol over time.

Target is a widely known retail chain, and the focus here is on using a logo that shows a target. They opted for a simple style, to keep the meaning and look as interconnected as possible. It’s a very distinct way of promoting a brand, and it works well this way.

FedEx uses a simple text based logo. The beauty lies in the arrow that is hidden in the negative space between the E and x.

However, a brand is more than just a logo.

Although the brand voice, message, and designs you use will have an impact on your customers, a sound marketing plan must be in place to carry this message and convey the brand message. There are various advertising campaigns and below the line activities that convey and represent the brand message. People consider a brand to be like a person, and so to make friends (and keep them!) you have to inculcate trust and dependability with the customer. This is why you need to work as hard as you can to grow your business and deliver the ultimate results.
It might not be a walk in the park to find the right logo, but it will provide you with a huge range of benefits if you choose it correctly. So, try to take all these things into account and create a proper, insightful brand that conveys your message!
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