Lyrics for The Dark Afterglow EP

I wrote (and sang) 3 songsto go with tunes that were composed by 'the dark afterglow' - our resulting collaboration resulted in the songs below.

1.Cold Impact

And so you say
you don’t need me anymore
Well there’s the open door
I’ve seen you walk out once before...
And so you say
You’re leaving this behind
For someone with an open mind
Not another waste of time

And so you say
Your life is wild and free
You’ve had enough of me
You need to be released

And so you say
let’s turn another leaf
there’s no joy in taming beasts
You’ve had enough of me

2.Fade into you

No lights on tonight
You need to disappear
I’m right by your side
while you shed a tear

I’m holding you now
But you’re far away
You reach for my arm
and we fade away...

Chorus x2
And I fade into you
While we’re falling apart
It’s not easy to see
all alone in the dark

And I fade into you
Even though it’s just pretend
The night follows through
As we stare at the end...


And so it goes
We start again
Up in smoke
We depart again

And time is changing

I’m happy now
To see you fly away
Are you happy now
To see me go?

And so it goes...
And so it goes...

And time
Has reabsorbed my soul
And time
Has reabsorbed
All I’m told

And so it goes...

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