Opium Eyewear Contest Winner!

Opium and Talenthouse have awarded my entry ‘The Free-Spirit Collection’ as the winner for the ‘Design Shades for Opium’ contest held in November 2011!

About the Collection:
The Free-Spirit collection is for the unconventional, non-conformist man. Each of the three designs has an appeal that celebrates this spirit of self-expression. Opium is a brand that focuses on innovation in style and exhibits a sense of attitude and confidence, and this collection fuses these elements with fashionable rim concepts alongwith interesting detail and varied nose pieces.
Design #1 celebrates the ‘nerdy’ spectacle frames by combining the thick rims with a dark tinted superstar design and #2 plays with the outlines of clubwear for the more adventurous, while design #3 is for the man who likes minimalism with a hint of macho. The designs add more to the style of those who like to express their personality through their accessories.
The free-spirit collection is a range that can go with any look: shades that are fashionable, yet personal.

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